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It may have been a special edition but I think it's more likely that someone who obviously likes green repainted it. The decals are available online in whatever size and color you want. .
Definity someone's creation, judging by the late model font and go kart slicks. Been collecting these for years, the damn things are stacked up like cordwood everywhere. The nice ones are in the house:D
Just like minibikes, it's interesting to see all of the different coaster wagon mgrs. throughout the years besides Radio Flyer.
oddball radio flyers are cool.
Yes they are, we just hung an old soap box derby car on my shop ceiling, the body is an old Commander wagon from the 50's:scooter:


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This thing looks like it would be fun to ride!!! Airsled? Airkart? Would it have enough power to be fun????....
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From my extensive ''many'' years of R/C Arcraft & race Boat set up & power figuring ect.,, if that being 3 - 4 hp,, & spinning around 3400rpm,, It would need a prop with ''a butt load '' of pitch to get it moving,, with the prop being that diameter.
From what I can see of it,, that prop doesn't look like it's got much pitch @ all.
Got me think'n though,,
Say a back pack motorized prop rig for like ''Para Sails'' mounted on there,, might get it moving pretty good though,, or @ least the prop from one. :p
Another thing you ''definitely'' would want to do is,,,
Being those skis are ''way'' to small,,, I think a slick set up would be to cut 3 water skis in half,,, & use the front halfs of those. ;)

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Does anybody have guess about that come-along handle under the wheel? Was it an oval racer, and that is a left turn aid?
Thinking that may be a Blade brake, we can't see where
the shaft comes out of engine, could be pulley that goes to drum with bandbrake.

Agree with I74 not a lot of pitch and low rpm, maybe the thing never worked :)
Looks like front of rig started out as Manco maybe.
They had a big hand in bankrupting Go Kart companies.


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[QUOTE="pomfish, post: 1321881, member: 718"

Agree with I74 not a lot of pitch and low rpm, maybe the thing never worked.

Very cool that you figured it like me as well. :cool::)