Freak Karts, Customs, Homemades, and Oddballs

Freakarts, Customs, Homemades, and Oddballs

Based on the popularity of Kustomkartkids freakbike thread I figures maybe 1 down here for karts, barstools, wagons, snowmachines, and maybe homemade personal tracked vehicles would be cool. Also 3 wheelers too. The standing rule in the freakbike thread is 3 wheels or less, enforced by mmisterbungl lol. Some people have expressed wanting to put karts in there but as of yet they have too many wheels. So if you have something in your collection, something you built, found online, seen at shows, etc post it here. Some stuff I found-

this is a homebuilt jet engine mounted on custom go kart frame for it. just need fuel line and fuel nozzle adpater. can reach speeds of 35 mph when running but if after burner added to it can reach speeds of 60 mph. the buyer takes on full responsibility of the purchase
buy the kart, finish the project lol
Here's my homemade go kart, it has a '53 Briggs 6hp. It looks way different now because I built a jackshaft for it, but have no pics yet.

Well this fits here its just that its no where near as cool as the others that have been posted.

I hope to run it around up north this weekend for a serious shakedown run.