Frijole Westbend 610


I thought I would share my first build. This Frijole with the Westbend 610. I got it on the road today for the first time. It handled good at high speeds.. I want to extend the appreciation to Scooterboy for the advise along the way..
610 Westbend Motor

By the way. If you are looking for a Westbend motor. I would strongly suggest using Frank Moore in Ohio. I am very pleased with his work!!:rockon:


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That's sweet bike Scott!! I knew you would be happy with Joel Wey's work and that WB finished it off nicely !!

I thought that bike looked familiar :thumbsup: Joel does killer stuff, I had one of his builds with a Frank Moore built 700 on it... good stuff! I didn't like the frame just cause the looks (Azusa) but Joel set it up really well and it rode very nice.