Gemini Scrambler


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I picked this bike up from a local guy. I believe it's a Gemini Scrambler:
Put a new motor in and made a custom exhaust. The original Comet TC had a 5/8" shaft drive so that got upgraded to a TAV30 (new motor had 3/4" shaft.) It is repainted, was originally red. Gas tank is probably not original. It handle very nice, good riding bike. It's comfortable too. Does anyone have any additional info on this model? thanks!


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I have a Scrambler that I purchased from thee original owner.. he took it apart when he was 12 and kept 90% of the parts all I had to do was paint and assemble... 20170511_170113.jpg

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Very cool! Is the orange the original color? Mine seems to be red originally
Yes the bike is completely original. All original orange paint, original chrome, everything. I have never seen a red one, just orange and green.

Does your bike have adjustable handlebars?


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According to the flyer red was the original color. “Deluxe candy apple paint”. My handlebars fold in the middle
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I’m new on here. I just picked up a Gemini Scrambler and i’m going to restore it. The main question I have is what torque converter it has? In the picture it has the rear but no engine so the front is a mystery to me. Any help would be greatly appreciated. How rare are these bikes, I can’t seem to find very much information on them. 1565759185266.jpeg


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The driven torque converter part you have on your green gemini is a series20 style. on my blue gemini (top of the thread) i re-made the jackshaft and installed a series30. But the 20 is probably original. Yours looks like a fairbank morse and probably uses a 5/8" belt. New series20 today use a 3/4" belt. You can make it work but you'll have to convert either the driven or the drive to the belt size you want.