Got me a tubing bender

Yep got me a Pro tools model 4 manual bender . A friend of mine bought it for the 1 inch die ,and I got the 1/2" and 3/4 dies which are pretty useless for mini bike building . But the 1" die and a 1 1/4" are just down the street and Mine to use . So it's time to build a frame , will post pics when I can .
The possibilities a decent pipe bender opens up for you are incredible, have fun while I sit here green with envy.

Whats your first project going to be? - a zimmer frame for Buckeye :laugh:
Well today got my bender mounted to the floor and ready to go . I installed threaded inserts in the floor so i can unbolt the stand. Here's some pics .


Growing up is optional
Get on with your bad self. Now lets see some REALLY out there projects! Volkswagen flat four Minibike?