Got the bike back from PowderCoat

I finally got the trailhorse back from Powder Coat. What do you guys thingk?
I have tried several different throttles and can't get anyone of them to fit over the bars. Any suggestions? Also, for the guys that have a TH what size wheel and tires are you running? Its a two stage candy blue with chrome underneath. Here is a before/after pic.

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it looks good. it pretty much matches the mustang doesn't it?

i also wonder how the PC is going to hold up on the springs with them moving.
Your bike looks pretty nice in blue. :thumbsup:
Figure out how far up the bar your throttle goes and then sand off the powder coat. :grind: Remember, powder coat is basically plastic and it will wears off from the constant rotation of the throttle. Now what happens to the plastic that wears off? It clogs up between the bar and the twist grip binding the twist grip. :doah:
I asked about the springs and supposedly the pc is very flexible. It looks really good next to the fox. Although, I might have to much blue on the bike. I also have the blue clone. I might paint the blower and tank some other color?????????? Its just a relief moving up from the Arco. This frame is much more roomier.