Great Friday and a Free Caddy

I think we can all agree that Friday is always a great day ( for working folks at least):001_tt2::001_tt2: I was working in the shop yesterday when a customer called me saying his CTS Cadillac had the key stuck in the ignition and it would not start, and that if I wanted it to come and get it " FOR FREE"....well it did cost me a $75.00 tow fee from his house to mine. He told me that he had done bought his wife a new car and that the CTS was mine if I wanted it. Well Its now in my shop and cranks and runs great. I still might have to do a $400.00 ECM (computer) but thats still not a bad price for a 2005 CTS.


Some people!!!!!! :no: :laugh::laugh::laugh: No one deserves a great score like that more than you um I mean Eric!! :thumbsup:
Sell it as fast as you can. Cadillacs depreciate faster than anything else on the road... I sold a 2004 CTS yesterday at the auction for $1500
:pimp: Enjoy the ride you deserve it. I believe in karma, now someone needs to give CarPlayLP a Caddy.

Radillac, Cadillac, Wish I had my money back...