Greetings from Indiana

Hello all! My name is Kevin, I am from Indiana. I am a nut for anything on two wheels. I collect custom beach cruisers. I have fast Whizzer. I recently dropped out of the 5th scale radio control scene and it freed up some extra time and money. As a father of 4 (all girls) I am always on the lookout for cool things that are fun for the entire family. I just picked up a mini bike that I plan on freshening up a bit. After this one is done, I would like to do a ground up build of a true classic.

I look forward to getting to know you guys!
Thanks to Roccosbike I now know what I have. It is a Sears Puddle Jumper. I am pretty stoked to learn it was made by Manco. Maybe I should keep this one for myself and buy the kids something else....