1. B

    New member from Indiana

    Just wanted to stop and say hi. Found this forum looking for information on a Shriner mini bike I picked up and decided might as well join. Brew
  2. O

    Vintage Motorbike Club meet in Portland Indiana

    The Vintage Motorbike Club of America will be holding their 45th annual meet in Portland Indiana at the Jay County Fairgrounds on July 20th thru the 24th. The gates actually open on or around July 17th for early birds and is open to all types of bikes from bicycles to minibikes to scooters to...
  3. I

    Hello from Indiana

    Hello from Indiana. I saw a "made in China" DB knock off on one of the facebook yard sale sites and had to buy it. Seller said it would run on spray but not gas from the tank. Tank is rusty, figured carb could do with a good cleaning. Well I played around and just cleaned it out with some WD...
  4. Xander

    VMBC Portland Indiana

    Hi All Anyone going to VMBC Portland Indiana this weekend. Its a great swap meet mindless ride. No structure unless street legal. Xander
  5. W

    The Elio is in Indiana this weekend

    The Elio is on display at the Greenwood Mall just south of Indianapolis this weekend. We went down last night to check it out. I have wanted one since I first saw them but since I had to sell the race car and the Starfire because I couldn't get in them without great discomfort I had...
  6. Scrambler 360

    Hello from Indiana

    I am happy to have found a place to land with my upcoming project. Two QA50s stating from scratch - why two? Now that is the question my wife asked! I hate to see parts bikes go to waste. There is nothing time and money can't make whole again - right? So I am here for the ride. I have a...
  7. W

    Drone video of one of our Indiana farms Seems like forever since I've done any bike work. Trees and cars are whipping my tail. I sold my race car back in March and bought a new enclosed trailer to haul the bikes in but haven't had time to put in mounts to hold the bikes. Have two major sized...
  8. flpmurphy

    craigslist crap

    Long story short i post a bike in what is it section. It was a gilson wards etc. I been in contact with guy last couple of days. We agreed to me. So I left my house at drove to indiana waited 4hrs guy never shows. Bikes hardly ever come up around here so im on the hunt again to get me one to...
  9. tbird

    Hey Cheezy....Michigan isn't the only one

    Michigan craigslist isn't the only place you should be shaking your head, check this one out from Indianapolis. http://
  10. 45t

    Duster Chopper in Indiana

    duster chopper in Demotte IN 1960's Chopper Mini Bike
  11. DPMC2

    Craigs List + SW Indiana + mini frame

    Anyone down by Evansville , Indiana??? looks interesting.... Mini bike
  12. H

    Manco roller restored Northeast Indiana

    I have for sale an early Manco that I restored over this past summer but used the engine for another project. It has been sandblasted, etch primed and painted. Wheels have new bearings. The seat has a couple of bad spots that I covered with tape, but is still usable. The frame and fork was...
  13. zombiewoof

    Greetings from Indiana

    Hello all! My name is Kevin, I am from Indiana. I am a nut for anything on two wheels. I collect custom beach cruisers. I have fast Whizzer. I recently dropped out of the 5th scale radio control scene and it freed up some extra time and money. As a father of 4 (all girls) I am always on the...
  14. L

    hey from Indiana

    Hello everyone, I'm new here and I'm about as green to the world of mini bikes as a member can be. I do not currently own a mini bike. In I believe 1967 & 1968 as a 10 and 11 year old I owned a Rupp with 2 1/2 hp engine if I remember correctly. It was just a basic mini bike, blue in color and...
  15. gumpit

    Super Bronc in Indiana

    American Classic Motors : 10 HP in Scooters & Mopeds | eBay Motors
  16. P

    Indiana rider

    Hi, another new member here. I'm located in northern Indiana. I am putting together a custom minibike and have been on this site for a long time looking at motor and advice and thought that I would benefit even more if I just joined. I am looking forward to learning more abut single cylinder...
  17. Gustavo

    Terra Floater Fat Tired Mini Bike With Hodaka Clone Engine

    Very Complete Project. Not An Every Day Bike. Engine Turns Over, Has Compression, Has Spark. Shifts Through The Gears Smoothly. Needs New Tires. I Would Like Someone From OldMiniBikes To Buy It, Restore It, And Show It Off :) I Am Located In The South Side of Chicago; 20-25 Minutes South...
  18. M

    72 Heald Bronco CL Indiana

    not mine, just saw it. 1972 Heald Bronco - $250 (Springville)
  19. trailhopper

    Nice Powerdyne in Indiana

    Looks pretty complete besides the engine. If only I lived closer. Thats a cool little bike. vintage mini bike
  20. metalhead100

    Indiana ...I have 2 briggs 5hp engines cheap

    Ok...I have 1 80% complete plain 5 hp briggs ...wore out NOT running ...bad head carb and tank (apart at the case too) One RUNNING (just overhauled carb) Briggs IC sleeved iron bore 5 hp (ball bearing) that smokes (might be too full...but im afraid it needs love) and needs gov spring and air...