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http://www.harborfreight.com/engines-generators/gas-engines.html I see HF now lists the 60363 Hemi Predator as an item. I got the online coupon listing and the picture seems to be correct with the rectangular cast valve cover and the engine appears grey. My question is, if you order the 60363 online will they now ship you that specific engine? Last one I ordered I ended up with a 69730. I have heard they will not ship specific numbers.
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Well... That's kind of why I am asking if anyone has been successful in this regard.
The "customer service rep" you get on the phone doesn't know s--t.
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I'm not sure that they do send specific numbers. I always go in to the store to know what I'm getting. I would think you could find someone to talk with if you spent enough time on the phone. Are you far away from a store?
Plenty of Harbor Freights on the "west coast"....

Last one I bought online from them was when the 69730 was the rage. $102 shipped to my door. Still have it sitting new in it's box unused so far.....
no.. you will get any one of them... i verified this... if u r in CA you will only get a CA model number too... any other 48/state u could get any one of them...
i heard someone talking about these recently - what makes it a Hemi ? guess i need to clip a coupon and check out HF store. always got room for another motor if there is a difference between black and gray. :scooter:
Princess Auto sells clone motors. Not often on sale but they have them.
The Princess Auto engines are Honda clones.Gotta love the "Powerfist". The quality is good. The $179.00 price not so good. I'm waiting for the sale. I think I will do my old style Pred. in the meantime.What do they go for on sale?


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ordered one online

107.00 delivered to my door.
Arrived today.
Item # 69727
Loc# h129b
wtf it says 7 hp that was unexpected.
I think I need another .:smile:
Princess Auto sells clone motors. Not often on sale but they have them.
I noticed the stock of 196cc seems to be holding, but now they have a 208 powerfist listed.

Tooltown has restocked with 212 generation 1 engines.

Prices are no hell ( 180 bucks for the 208 at PA ) but if you can wait a sometimes they have sales in the 100 buck range ( be prepared to wait and wait and wait however )
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