1. 1

    Wanting to start 212 Hemi harbor freight build Need some guidance

    Hello! First post to this forum, Im a kid who knows his way around an old car (for the most part :) ), engines as well, so Im not really asking how to build one (although pointers for building a small engine would be helpful, as Ive only built V8s). Anyway I would get a Hemi as they usually flow...
  2. Mrknobblies

    Harbor freight- Predator engine coupon

    For anyone interested, just found this coupon on their website. Valid till the end of the month. Pretty good deal!
  3. pomfish

    Settlement Refunds at Harbor Freight

    Sorry if this has been listed here before but this should save some of us money. Harbor Freight Tools settlement: Customers eligible for refunds up to 30 percent | AL.com Later, Keith
  4. R

    harbor freight 670cc predator

    trying to find parts to rebuild a 670 cc predator. any help would be greatly appreciated. thanks in advance
  5. S

    Harbor freight preaditor 78cc engine

    on the HF 79cc engines is this a copy of the hondas?....I need a exhaust gasket....also is there a kit or great way to hook up the throttle?
  6. 1stlegendtx

    Harbor freight Electric motors

    Has anyone ever bought an electric motor from Harbor freight? I need a motor for my air compressor. Nice and cheap but not worth it if it only last a week. Anyone have one ?
  7. David wulf

    My harbor freight porta band

    We'll i have been needing a metal band saw for a long time now . I had a stair railing project to do and was going to have to cut 1/4" 2x2 tube , so I got a HF porta band for 99 bucks . After all the pieces were cut down in length I got started on building a stand an table for it . You can buy...
  8. Radford46

    Harbor Freight dirt bike stand

    I picked this up the other day for around 15.99 with the 20% coupon. Really,surprisingly sturdy and well welded. Kerry
  9. bigevilone2

    Harbor Freight tool fail !

    So we are making some big fiberglass speaker cones for a speaker company and after they come out of the mold they need to be trimmed. I use an air powered die grinder. Due to the fact that I work out of my house I have a small compressor. My buddy says he will bring his brand new Harbor Freight...
  10. bstang123

    California Predator Engine

    Can someone tell me if the engine sold from OldMiniBikes is better or different from the Harbor freight model...OldMiniBikes $150 HF $119.
  11. stephensimmons

    wtb: motovov 2.5hp and doodlebug 2.8hp engines

    I know some of you all have these laying around with no intent to use it again. I'm having parts made and need some test engines please. Really don't want to pay a lot for them of I don't have to. And if ya have a harbor freight 3hp preditor laying around I'll take that too.
  12. Street Smart

    Anyone have a Harbor Freight coupon?

    Anyone have a printable Harbor Freight coupon good for this weekend (aug 22-24)? Theres a tent sale and was hoping to double up on a discount./
  13. T

    Harbor freight sale

    Hey everyone. Harbor freight is having a 25% off one item on July 4th only. Predator 212cc goes from 119.99 to 89.99. Picked up a few things yesterday and they gave me the coupon. You will also get a free set of screwdrivers with any purchase.
  14. yay468

    Harbor Freight Wheels

    Hello guys. On Sunday, I went to harborfreight to get my Predator 212 and look at wheels. I came home with some 13in wheels with 5in rims with a 5/8 ID. Now. One of my friends is using the wheels, goign 25 MPH, and has had no issues. No wheel damage, and no bearing problems. I still want to...
  15. scootercat

    Harbor Freight 22H.P. V-Twin

    Just got My H/F flyer in the mail and they list a 670 cc V-Twin horizontal shaft for $599.99....Anybody see one at their H/F store?....Scootercat....
  16. Kacz

    Looking for Harbor Freight coupon - motorcycle table

    Hi guys, wondering if anyone can help me out... As the title states I am looking for a harbor freight coupon for their motorcycle lift table. The coupon is for $299. If someone has one and is willing to scan me a quality copy or mail me the coupon please PM me. Thanks!
  17. Bikerscum

    Harbor Freight bench grinder stands

    I was at the Free Chinese Flashlight Store today getting a cart for my tig welder, noticed they had bench grinder stands on closeout sale. Marked down to $29.99, my 25% off coupon brought it down to $22.50. I bought 2, one for my bench grinder & one for my new garage sale drill press...
  18. directdrive

    Harbor Freight

    http://www.harborfreight.com/engines-generators/gas-engines.html I see HF now lists the 60363 Hemi Predator as an item. I got the online coupon listing and the picture seems to be correct with the rectangular cast valve cover and the engine appears grey. My question is, if you order the 60363...
  19. L

    Harbor Frieght Hydraulic Bender

    Hi im a noob from san diego and just wanted to get a quick opinion. Did a search and wasnt able to find my exact questions. Please bear with me. If i simply wanted to bend 1 inch pipe to build some frames, would there be any reason the 16ton would be preferred over the 12? and would this be...
  20. hemigremmy

    Harbor freight coupon????

    Anybody have a coupon for these that they can post? Portable Worklight & Flashlight - 27 LED Light Flashlight