Help please.....engine ID

Hello fellers,
I'm back on the restore mini bike deal after a few years doing other things. I found what I think is a Sears drover or puncher that looks complete, all original looks like. The frame is 1 inch tubing, so I think it is a Sears bike. It is a lime green color, with black and white stripes on the fenders....looks like original paint...... The motor model number is 143 604072 and a serial number 0182 04497......I have a identical motor, but the ID plate is gone .....They each have 2.5 inch bore the stroke on the original motor is about 1 13/16......Can y'all tell me what I have and where I can get, piston rings (std) a sump or side cover gasket, seals for each end of the crank, a breather gasket, and a head gasket.
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I think I figured out some of the confusion. That's a Sears Craftsman number......still don't know what engine this is.....I looked it up on partstree and the first item, piston rings 2.5 bore are not made anymore??? ..............It makes sense that this is the original motor if it is a sears bike.
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Thanks......I'd like to buy it all in one shot if I could. Shit, by time I round up a few gaskets and some rings I could clip a 20% off coupon and go get a clone. Kinda like to keep this one original unless it starts getting ridiculous.