help quick please !

I'm here at Lowes looking asst the hardware I need to know what size bolt for the threads in the crank on the predator 212 totally forgot I need one and no time to search sorry and thanks


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I have the booklet that comes with the predator it says the crank uses a 5/16 -24 unf with a depth of 0.67 the four on the cover are also the same size....Scootercat....
Yep 5/16 24 it is. Now my problem is bought a clutch for 35 chain and mine is larger this Frankenstein mini bike is going to be the end of me ! Can I swap the sprocket from a max torque on to a Hilliard ? How do I size my chain ? I'm just a silly dad trying to make his son happy.
I got the old clutch apart and got the new guts in the old housing took her for a spin and she runs like a raped ape but when I parked it the clutch was smoking like a mother ?