Hillarious ad on Craigslist


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71'' C- 20 stepside,, I actually think is kinda rare,, especially today.
Shame they did that to it. :confused:
Yeah I'm not too familiar with the model but it wouldn't surprise me if it is rare. I'm more curious why someone chose that model truck to look like Mater because he's actually based off of a different model.


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Haha! This is hillarious! What was his "lower than a discount store on a Black Friday" price on this "one-of-a-kind creation"?
They said if I wanted it back I could come get it for $800.. I’m super happy they did fix a lot of stuff wrong with it and make it kind of presentable.

The noise that came out of the stinger exhaust on that 400cc rockwell twin at WOT made a noise that touched my soul.