1. M

    CT200u EX Stage 2 Kit questions

    I installed a stage 2 kit, (18lb valve springs, aftermarket carb, air filter, and exhaust) as well as Speed Gov Delete, And the Aluminum Billet Flywheel. Today, when i started my bike after work, i noticed it was smoking quite a bit from the exhaust, read about it that it could be Valve seal...
  2. jbonez

    Hydraulic brake CT200U-EX

    Has anyone converted to a hydraulic brake to a CT200U-EX? I've seen black66's conversation but he stretched the frame, curious if anyone has done a conversion without stretching the frame?
  3. jbonez

    CT200U-EX front suspension upgrade

    Hey Guys, Recently just picked up a CT200U-EX for dirt cheap, rough condition but I just mainly wanted it for the frame since I plan to fully strip, paint, rebuild etc etc. The front shocks have some rust on it and instead of restoring them I wanted to see if there is any upgraded shock kits I...
  4. jbonez

    Mini Bike Frame

    Hey Guys, Seeing if anyone in the Metro Detroit area has a mini bike frame for sale, wanting to build one from the ground up so just looking for the frame only. Looking for one in the style of the Coleman CT200U-EX.
  5. jbonez


    Hey everybody new to the mini bike scene, I recently picked up a Coleman RT200 for a steal, used one time for $400. I've seen online a lot of people modding the CT200 and I'm looking to do the same for my RT200. So my question is am I able to use this convertor linked below for my RT200...
  6. C

    Coleman sport 2.40 (attex) parts/help needed

    Hello, my name is Casey, 24, and I’m looking for information on recoil/pull starts and if anyone has seen a pair of handlebars I can inquire about. I’ve broke mine about 2-3 times now and I’m struggling to find new parts/info on replacement. These are one of a kind ears/leafs on them, and I have...
  7. GW1

    Unable to remove CT200U chain tensioner

    Hi all! I’m a new member and super happy I found your group! Hoping someone with experience can help out a desperate dad… the arm of the chain tensioner on my son’s Coleman CT200U broke clean. The only thing remaining is the metal cylinder that the arm was attached to. It rotates freely...
  8. MiniBixe

    Coleman BT200x stalls going down a hill

    Hello all, I am having trouble recently with my Coleman BT200x. It stalls as soon as i let go of the throttle, especially riding down a hill. Seems less powerful than before. I thought it was a clutch issue, and cleaned and oil the clutch. (the right way) No luck... Any suggestions? Thanks in...
  9. Heidle

    Strength of Coleman CT200 tires?

    Anyone know what the speed rating is for the stock ct200 tires? I've been advised by some not to go 40 with the balloon tires that are on it although I didn't have any problem when I went 40 with them.
  10. FunWithStuff

    Hillarious ad on Craigslist

    Was searching around on Craigslist and found this hillarious ad. Thought I would share it here for anyone that needs some humor right now.
  11. Heidle

    Coleman CT200U rough idle/weird low RPMs

    Hey guys, I recently rebuilt my Hisun 196cc motor and when I run the engine it idles roughly. Here's some specs 18 LB valve springs PVL Aluminum flywheel with 31 degrees BTDC Billet con rod governor removal BSP-2 cam Everything else stock The engine seems to run fine at higher RPM but at idle...
  12. After a Cruise

    After a Cruise

    Azusa 10hp and coleman bt200x when it was stock
  13. Coleman BT200x

    Coleman BT200x

    Predator 212 swapped Coleman BT200x
  14. BT200x


    After a ride
  15. G37 and BT200x

    G37 and BT200x

    My G37 and BT200x
  16. K

    BT200X Valve spring swap

    Hey there, I’m hoping someone could help me out here. I recently bought a brand new Coleman bt200x. I put a GPS stage 1 kit on it, cut the throttle screw and did the zip tie trick for the governor. Today I went to change my valve springs out from stock to 18 lb springs. Once I thought I had them...
  17. smalls415

    New guy with some questions

    Hey all, Newbie here!!! so just my second post, in need of some answers again. Something seems to be locking up on my Colemanbt200x when I let go of the throttle. It brakes itself to almost a stop, not in a jolting kinda way, more like a slow self brake, like a car going down a hill in a low...
  18. S

    Coleman CT200u ex Pull start

    I recently purchased a ct200u ex used and modified it a little bit- stage 1 kit, new spark plug, new gas and oil, lubed up some parts, 18lb valve springs, new carb and carb jet. Athough recently i have not been able to start it up- the pull start will allow itself to be pulled a slight bit but...
  19. J

    Brand New Coleman BT200X won’t start???

    Bought a brand new Coleman BT200X, had a defective front end, got an exchange next day. Got the new one put together only to have it not start. It’s igniting in the carb but it won’t ignite fully to start the bike itself (sounds like it’s JUST about too). The throttle also wasn’t closing...
  20. C

    Build existing 196 HISUN or Buy a Tillotson

    Have a CT200U-EX. Looking for more power and to do it properly. One route is spending ample amounts to upgrade the HiSun. Cam, rod, flywheel. Is it worth it do this or just start out with a faster engine like the Tillotson 212R claiming 10hp already out of the box for the same price as...