I got robbed

The problem is, youth these days have no interest in things mechanical. The world to them is digital and virtual, results have to be immediate. I see it at car shows and swap meets, all the attendees have grey hair.
I totally agree with this. I'm only 16 (just got my drivers permit today to prove it), but I like to think my dad raised me the right way. I love working with karts and mini bikes.

Now my two neighbors, ages 14 and 15, say they know how to turn a wrench on their vehicles, but I had to teach them both how to do a simple oil change. The 15 year old has a Polaris 300cc 2-stroke ATV that wouldn't start last spring. You know what he did since then, NOTHING! It's still sitting in his garage. And you know what the problem is? The darn fuel pump isn't primed from when he ran it out of gas in preparation for the winter. I would tell him, but then I'd have to teach him, then he'd screw around while I just did it for him. I've been through this too many times and now he needs to learn on his own.

Sorry about the ranting, but I wonder why I like to watch videos on how to build 6.5 clones and other kids watch dabbing and bottle flipping.

[MENTION=52861]Twid[/MENTION], very sorry to hear about your loss. You put so much effort into these machines just so somebody else can take them from you for fun. It hurts.
Hey Twid It's been another year.... Did your mini's ever surface? Quite the bummer. I had noticed you started the group Nor Cal minis. I also noted that nothing ever happened with that group. I'd like to revive it since there seems to be quite a bit of activity based on what I'm seeing on FB. I also note that in the beginning for me on this forum, when I tried to answer an ad and other things, I got labeled as a spammer or something since I was a newbie. Well, I'm not a newbie anymore and something needs to happen to loosen things up a bit. Hoping by now, the officials have found your minibikes and you have them back in your possesion. Good Luck!
Weav in Sutter Creek, Ca
Yeah....I would LOVE to catch a thief trying to steal ANYTHING I own....I won't say what I'd do... It would probably incriminate me....
That being said, I would have NEVER, EVER (AND I MEAN EVER!!) give up on finding my property... EVER....I DON'T FORGIVE SO EASILY I GUESS....
I'd be doing EVERYTHING I could to find my stuff...
Sorry, reading this really irks me something fierce...
"This" forum? We can see all four of your posts. Were you registered here as someone else before that?
For the record Dave..... I have enjoyed seeing and reading lots of your posts. I have responded at times to ads in the classifieds and apparently they don't show up. I have never been registered as a different name on this forum. I'm one of those dumb guys that just does what I'm supposed to do. I do see however as I keep digging in here and understanding how the site works that I only show up as posting twice since I joined years ago. I did manage to get some advice from a couple other guys on here to post simple responses to posts so that I would not be labeled a spammer or troll. I'm totally enthusiastic about old style minibikes like the Bonanza's and Wrens by Bird, etc etc. Only because they were all I ever knew about during the early/mid sixties. My parents would never let me own one, even if I saved up and bought it myself. Anyway, I joined this group to learn and do minibike stuff. For the most part there seems to only be a handful of guys on here doing anything. and if they are doing something, they rarely post. At least for Northern Calfornia. I note the guy that started the group Norcal Minis and he just gave up after a year or two. Anyway, I'm still out here hanging on.... Going to Medford,OR this weekend for a Vintage GoKart outing. Hoping to meet more people that have minibike interests too. I'll start posting pictures when the site will allow it. Funny how I can get an avitar in there but not a serious picture that goes with my name. Sometimes I wonder ............ Gee Whiz...
Weav in Sutter Creek, CA two CT70s, One Bonanza, one Azusa rebuild as it was a turd, new welding table, new Miller mig and a strong desire to learn a lot and Have Some Fun doing it! Also building 2 Predator 212cc motors, 1 Tillotson 212cc, 1 Dura Max 420 and soon to getting some good clutches. I just keep doing it by digging for info. Sure would be nice to find a more active forum that didn't treat new blood as morons or spammers....