I got robbed


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A couple of fellas came over cut the locks and took two of my mini's. My build off bike from last year and my chicks invader. I got them on camera, young kids I recognized. What you all don't know is I'm a campus supervisor at the high school two blocks from my house and I coach on the football. I have access to all the school photos district wide. But I will probably never see the mini's again. image.jpeg image.jpeg After this an selling most of my toys this summer, I'm left with one mini bike my Temecula Bob MDB I guess it's time to focus solely on that.

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Cut the locks and entered the property to remove/steal valuables. That's burglary in most if not all states. Usually a felony. I don't see why you wouldn't file charges. They obviously have no respect for you.


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They knew they were there obviously ... A thief will return to the scene ... Put something cool in the garage and level it open ... Then lock it up again and wait with a bat


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Sorry to hear that. I hope you at least filed charges against the little bastards.

That's something i frequently worry about here. Good thing i have mostly junk
Hopefully you get your bikes back! I would look on social media to see if they posted any videos or pictures. Not sure of the laws in your area but, I hope they get caught and go to jail!!!!:hammer:
Sorry to hear this, I always worry about that happening myself. I hope you get your stuff back. Let us know how this turns out. At least you have pictures.


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Post the Vid here and on u tube, call the police and let them at it.

If no complaint is made, the police don't know what to look for, my bike was recovered a year later in a drug bust.