i want to go fast 286 pound rider

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Welcome to OldMiniBikes:thumbsup: An Azusa kit with a good sprocket and brake on whatever wheels you choose is a good choice. Azusa does not sell very good sprockets and the brakes are worse in my experience unless you have Azusa true the drums if they will. I'd go with a kart wheel on a live axle setup and use very good brakes. A Predator engine or other clone like the OldMiniBikes Dupor 196cc and mods to the engine depending how fast you plan to go. Lots of dragminibikes out your way as well as street fighters capable of carrying 300# easy. Have fun and shop around.
It's all done with mind altering allusions LOL, and of course the math calculations come into play big time. Get the Horse Power right and do not miss the RPM required to turn the connected parts up to the speeds you want. Do the math before you spend the money
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Start with the BRAKES!!!!!!! Then work your way back. How fast you want to go? 25, 30, 35, 40, 60 mph? I'm close to but not quite up there. I suggest taking it easy like me.



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Check out the Manco Bigcat. There are a couple recent posts here and in the project thread. The one in the project thread is being converted to a fast & stronger mini bike using Honda ATC 3 Wheeler parts. Its very cool and can handle a larger rider.
thanks for the welcome ...lol im not as big as that picture aha budget hmmm nothing outrageous like 2 grand on a motor i wont do ....the blue bike looks fassst but i dont want the chopper frame does this forum have a thread with the heights of engines / or how big of a engine a frame can accept thanks for the help and welcome again


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What kind of bike did you have in mind and what type of riding?

I love my warrior, it will pull adults your size easily for trails and street riding. My total pricetag with the bike, motor, TAV and everything else was only in the three digits, a little high up in the digits but still not hitting four digits


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Warrior/Heat then. That's what square chopper's blue bike started life as and look what he has stuffed on there.

I just run a mildly built clone which at 10.5-11HP gets the job done