"instagator", murray/animal

I may just have to give up on next year's drags and just apply for a job as your jockey!

I can't wait to see the finished product.
My "PLAN" was too have 8. and 9. done today.....but NOOOOOO! SPENT ALL DAMM DAY, got some water jet cutting to do(out-rages prices!!!!!!! My "fastner" supplier(out of stock) has to order SS bolts......exhaust, won't be here, till monday.......one darn thing after another(but havin FUN). WILL HAVE ASSEMBLED/TEST RUN TOMARROW(gotta use some stock part's...rig stuff up...but will "DO IT"......This build will not be complete(all the "little touches" but will be funcitinal.......The tank is gonna be biggest problem?
After attending,LAKELAND,FL.DRAG'S,was inspired to do a Murray(thank's CHARLES). With some help,found one in FL.(Thank's again CHARLES).
Wow. I was working the Billetproof show this weekend (Billetproof is a huge pre-1964 carshow) when I got to see Wally's Murray. Oddly enough, they had set up about 15 feet from my car (my bike wasn't close to my car as I had been using it). I then found out the Wally had passed away earlier this year, and that this Murray was very close to his heart at the time of his passing. I felt honored that my bike inspired him so much, and that I had the chance to actaully see the bike completed in person (Wally's family finished it for him). I'll be honest, this had me choked up a little bit. A bit later, as we were handing out trophies, they called out for an award for "Best Minibike Award". Hell, i didn't even know we had a minibike catagory (I actually work the event... so my stuff can't win anyways). I found the trophy as the sponsor club came on stage to give a little history behind the award. As they told the story, they told the story of our "Wally Gator" and awarded his Mini bike as the Billetproof 2012 best Mini Bike, and his son came up to recieve the award. There I was, the inspiration behind his bike (and person that found the frame for him) literally handing his son a trophy for that same bike. I was nearly in tears as i handed it to his son. On the ride home from the show, i finally shed some tears. What a perfect tribute to such a wonderful person.

Wally Gator's bike, Completed;

And the bike that inspired him:

I hope the family looks me up when if they ever decide to sell the bike. I might not be able to talk my wife into it (this bike is absolutely awesome...but big $$$ too), but I would like first dibs as this bike is now a part of me too.

RIP Wally.

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Wally's family are without a doubt some of the nicest folks I've met in a long while. My kid even spent most of the afternoon riding Wally's mobility cart (w/ a honda and TAV :devil2:) around the grounds. :laugh:

Having the priveledge of standing up in front of the Billetproof crowd and tell a little of Wally's story was truly an honor.... and I couldn't be happier that I was able to award the trophy I cobbled together to such a great bunch of people and a very deserving little bike.


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This is what OldMiniBikes is all about!!! Such great people. Less selfishness and more respect. Thanks SC and Charles for sharing your stories.
It makes ya want to get out and do something for someone else!!!