Merry Christmas All!


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Merry Christmas All. Ride your minibikes, and rest up for my up coming Mac's Minibike Yard Sale videos next month.
Well, we bought our son a gaming computer, he has been saving his money, and had hoped after Christmas to have enough to buy one, but we went ahead and ordered one, picked it up a week ago, my dumbass got the wrong one, so will be returning it, fun.then my wife opens up her jewelry box and it is broke, I look at it, basically cheaply made with staples holding the top down, and a piece of wood chipped. These are days I wish her grandfather was alive, he was a floorlayer by trade, but an excellant woodworking craftsmen, making very nice pieces. I would have asked him to make her one. Oh and to top it off, they are sold out online of the gaming computer we were gonna buy, but he found one on amazon, the other was ordered thru BestBuy. A little dissapointing for them two, me I was happy to get off work a little early.


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Happy Birthday to the big guy, Heres to hoping the wise men will pool there resources together, skip the incense and get him something he can really enjoy this year....a mini bike :thumbsup: