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Mini Snowmobile

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A slight change of plans. Im going to run the tracks close together so the back end is narrow with the sprocket in the center and ill make outriggers to support it on the outside. No more differential. This creates more problems than it solves but i like the look. Also im going to have to put a longer shaft in the torque converter to put the sprocket out the back with a support bearing.
I was getting too much ackerman on the steering the way it was with the spindle arms pointing to the center. The way the steering shaft is set behind the angles wernt working out. So i cut off the spindle arms and flipped them to point them out and extended the tie rods. That seems to have mostly corrected it now they turn more parallel. I also moved the shaft mount forward as much as i could. My main goal doing that was so that i can adjust the stops out to keep the tires from hitting the fairing that will be there and still get a good amount of turn action.


Im working on the back end now. I built it like this to get the maximum clearance to the seat. There is only one center tube but it will be plenty strong its 1/8" wall and only spans less than a foot. Im a little concerned about the side arms moving forward because of the force of the chain pulling on it. But I can add similar bars going from the bearings forward to the frame for extra support. I will do that later if it proves to be a problem with the chain getting loose. I had to notch the frame for the torque converter also got the engine mount in. Now im working on the back fender and making a new seat. then i can position the sissy bar If i decide to use it. I also welded the foot pegs on. They are the old ones from this frame i just had to move them forward.


Got the muffler welded on its just a hotdog going to point straight down. I'll have to make a shield or wrap it. I started the fender its an old street sign itll be just a little bigger than the seat i need to make the seat then i can trim the fender to look right. Third pic is the jackshaft mount im going to use. Or atleast one like it. And the last pic is the bar im going to put in to keep the tracks moving ford and back. It will weld to the back and ill bolt it to the frame in front so it will all be removable.


Got the seat made up. The top is a chunk of an old pickup truck seat. I didnt have any matching material for the sides so it doesnt really match. For the foam i used a few pieces of carpet padding and the bottom a thicker softer piece of foam as like a springy base. My neighbor gives me alot of foam her husband gets a lot of drug shipments I guess. And before i put the vinyl on it i cover it in an old matress pad to smooth out the uneven cuts on the foam sides. Also got the aluminum fender trimmed to size and got the exhaust shield mostly made.


Ok well the fab work is done except for the front skis which i still might not even make. First pic is the steering bracket it bolts to the engine it also has a tab off the side for the tank mount.

Second pic is the arms that come up and hold the faring on. I decided just to weld them on for rigidity and simplicity. I thought about making more bracing but I dont think it needs it. And it might be better to have some give if i roll it over maybe it wont break as much. Third pic is the rear end supports that go forward to the frame. I think it was good call adding those.
Next is the headlight installed in the faring. I used a regular stainless trim ring around it but i had to cut the spot weld so that it could squeeze in the hole and hold the light snug. Then I just glued it all in on the backside with construction adhesive. Its ugly but i sprayed it black and it looks fine. Its strong thats all that matters.
Next is the handlebar stem. Iv still got to drill it for a bolt on final assembly.
Last two pics are the exhaust shield. Its just a larger piece of pipe i shaped and drilled. I tried to make two screws to hold it on but one nut stripped out and the other cross threaded and snapped the screw off so i just plug welded it on. Its good and solid now. Its not really a spot that body parts are going to be near so i think it will be sufficient.
I already tore it down and started painting the frame but ran out. Im just going to do it rustoleom hammered gray like the front half of the frame was. I might ass some color stripes to the black faring but not sure yet


All done and working great! I hand painted the stripes and lettering. Only had a few little problems on the test run. The air filter was getting choked out by my pant leg which i suspected would happen. So I added a muffler deflector to the back. Not pictured. I didnt do it before because it doesnt look very good. The thumb throttle was a bit awkward i repositioned it but havnt tried it yet. The seat and ride is comfortable and the tracks work well seem to handle the power no problem.

The fearing cracked again where i plastic welded it. So i plastic welded it again a little better. If it beaks again i will try again and add some strengthening plastic. It has a good bit of vibration going on. Other than that I notice the gearing could be a bit higher for more speed and less torque but its ok for now and not worth the work to change it. It sounds really good.

Its a little tippy with the narrow track but not too bad. When i make the skis I will make them have a bit wider stance maybe it will help. Its got a ton of power and wheelies with ease. It also can ride a wheelie because the track rubs on the fender and stops it from going over backwards which is very fun.


Sweetness! I cant Believe You still have snow up there? 65 degrees today about 100 miles south of you in the Pocono Mts. today...Nice job Jeepster man!!