Minibike Dirt Racing in MI. ???

Is there any dirt racing with minis in the MI. area? Anybody doing private property grudges on minis? Chrome Wreckers were doing this in taylor area,but it fizzled out. I know of 4 racers with bikes that are still interested. So post it or pm me,just want to do what I haven't done in some time,it was a lot of FUN!!:smile:
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I was at a rat rod show in davisburgh,MI. A couple years back that was hosted by Sins Of Steel which also had minibike dirt oval racing. I was talking to some racers from the area that were doing there own thing also. If any of those racers are on here and know of anything else that going on,post it or send me a pm. Thanks..
milian dragway had dirt drag races,on the right as you go in,i raced a stock was a ball i think liability reasons closed it.they still have minibike racing some days at the strip,but 60 mph on 4 inch tires doesnt work for me
I know of the Milan Super Saturdays that they have with minis and all that drag race,but thats knot for me. The dirt deal i got into in 2010 has fadded away so iam looking for something.
Does someone have a large piece of property? :laugh: I know a few that we could use. not mine though.:sad:

my minis are more street riders though. is there a group on Woodward cruise? ive seen lots of minis there previously.
The type of racing we used to do was flat track dirt racing,50 to 100 lap races along with theme races like the halloween costume race. They used to change up the type of race,so it was never dull. So anybody who is doing something in the MI. area post it or pm me. Thanks
Most sand drag tracks are lenient on what you can run. I know the owner of bullfrog motosport runs his Dragbike mini with a paddle tire on it. I'm considering building another one for this also.
We had spotters with golf clickers to keep track. Sometimes they would loose track because there watching the race while driking beer.:doah: