Minibike Dirt Racing in MI. ???

Well just found out the Chrome Wrecker Racing comeback with vintage bike and flatheads is knot happening till sept. O Canada here I come.
Need to talk them into having a clone class and we can run some international events. September seems late, that would give them 3ish months of racing?
The clone deal is dead to them. Most sold there minis years back,but most haven't bought any. We have a minibike store in town that has all kinds of vintage bikes. None of them have made any effort to go there. I don't know what there waiting for. Did you get my pm?
We had a few years (3-4 years) where we weren't racing, luckily anyone who sold their bike got new ones before last year.

From the videos I saw it looked like a great time: a bunch of racers, an actual crowd, and a large track. We used to get on lookers at our old track but now we're in the country and there's no wonderers out that far.
Danford,what I meant by we was state side. I was posting this for the Canadians. I don't have a store,but I build bikes and engines on the side when time permits.
OK Thanks. I thought there was a store that I didn't know about :)
I would have gone to check it out had there been one...

I read that Motor City Mini's is closing and moving to a yet to be determined location. That is bad. I like that place.

I hope he can keep the store going,lots of time,heart and money went into it. I know of the owner since the beginning who wanted to have a vintage retail store with the knowledge of info to back it.
No hits eh? Maybe try a new thread on the show? looks like a cool event but I've already cancelled a husband/wife trip (it included a Tiger's game too :rolleyes:) to go the speedway this weekend.
Alright! Dirt tires are removed and shelved. Street tires are on, Drag Racing it is... Still have another bike that is dirt ready,no need to have two bikes sitting.