Murray track 2 seat

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Does anybody have an original seat for my track 2 or any seats that i could adapt to fit it?i cant afford right now to buy any of the seats new from OldMiniBikes and probably cant afford an original seat,but if you have one that is like 18 or 19 inches long that you would sell me for a reasonable price i would be 17 and i dont have much money right now but if you can help me out for a reasonable price please send me a pm.Thanks


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LOL...I guess I just shouldn't have said anything, but it genuinely made me feel bad reading that somebody needed something that I threw away.



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Dang, I just threw one away last week. Really sorry. I hope someone helps you out.

I am learning all my mini bike lessons the hard way ...don't throw anything away! Don't cut anything up...and offer before you toss'er! (I am the poet, dontcha know it!)

Make yourself a seat bracket out of some iron "channel" stock and then bolt a seat to it. The stock seat will make you talk funny! They are very hard...and hard on the jewels!


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Get ya some clamp on foot pegs.
Seat, where are ya?
I have a seat that came off a Baja Warrior. It has a plastic bottom and the seat itself is in good shape. Not sure how you would mount it but, it's yours if ya want it.
Depending on where you are, prolly 15 bucks or so for shipping.:shrug:
I have a garden tractor seat similar to yours on my Murray ratbike. Check the footpegs in OldMiniBikes p/n F401-05410, thats what I used on mine and I have big feet as in size 12E.


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Wowzers...that seat is classic!

I have the OEM footpegs for a Murray here...not the prettiest, but they will work, and you can have them! PM me if stock footpegs will work for you!
The stock Murray seat is really a leftover torture device from the dark ages. Not sure how anybody could ride one of those for more than five minutes. I'd rather sit on a punji stick. Get a real mini bike seat, some shocks and a couple pieces of angle iron, fab some shock mounts and put it together like this ↓ and it's a much better ride.