New Carb running wide open

I just put on a new carb and it starts but it runs almost wide open. I noticed that the long rod on left side that you attach the spring and rod to carb from doesn't go all the way back. I can hold it back and it will idle but as soon as I let go it's wide open again. I changed nothing underneath, just the carb. Any ideas?
I think you need to add a return spring. It will help close the throttle quickly. I can't see the pics we'll because I'm viewing them on my phone, but I think that is your problem. Take off the air filter and look into the carb. Does the butterfly close all the way when you let off the throttle? If not, it should. You may need to attach a spring to the "basket" around the muffler. I did this, and it works well. I don't remember what size spring I used. Check the throttle screw too. You should back it out until the motor dies, and then turn it in slightly.
I have no idea. I just bought this and it needed new carb. After replacing I'm having the issue. I'm not finding much info on carb installation so I figured I'd ask the experts on here. Any help on getting this ironed out is much appreciated. The butterfly doesn't even come close to closing so where exactly are you talking about adding the return spring? There is one in the last picture it seems but do you mean up top?
I looked at pics, appears to be hooked up properly. I assume it didn't run before you installed new carb? Maybe just need to put some slack in throttle cable. Looking at back of engine, do you see where cable is attached on the bottom right? Or, maybe something is hung up. Check the manual throttle handle, make sure it moves freely. There is a nut that adjusts the tension on the throttle mechanism, maybe too tight?
It ran before. Just leaked out of every place a carb could. Ran for a few seconds and then nothing above idol. I'll check what you said. The butterfly doesn't come back freely to idle on top unless I push it.
Also, your choke may be labeled incorrectly. Mine was. Just an example of poor quality control from the cheap manufacturing. Make sure that the choke is off while you have the air filter off.