New Predator Ghost Engine


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What is the "ducar 212" rated for regarding HP?
ive seen the tillotson and ducar rated at 8 to 9 hp.

I can say from experience a Coleman ct200u with a predator 212 lined up against Coleman CT200u with a stage 1 tillotson 212 both with amazon TAV. 10/50 gearing.

the tillotson walked away from the stock predator. By the time the predator hit the governor the tillotson was 1/2 to a full bike length in front.

Switched riders and same results.

is that huge? No. Would a stage 1 predator with the same governor setting run the same? I’d say very possibly.
Predator engines are/were made by Lifan. I can't find any info showing who currently makes them.

The Ducar engine is made in China.

The Ducar and Predator engines aren't made by the same company. Ducar does make engines for Tillotson though.
The 224 is made by Ducar, I've seen tear-down videos that showed "DUCAR" cast into the block.

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The 224 has a re-enforced ducar block doesn’t it?

im on the fence about trying a ghost engine

I have too many engines sitting. I have a 224 sitting on my shelf and a ducar. I’m outta frames to put them on! Been wanting to find a cheap used Coleman but that’s not possible
when i fired my gover in my 224 it has ducar stamped in block is it a predator or ducar
It is a Predator manufactured by Ducar. Predator is a Harbor Freight brand name, one of many. Harbor Freight doesn't manufacture anything, it is an importer/retailer. HF contracts Chinese manufacturers to manufacture products with HF's brand names on them.


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When I did my 224 I made sure there was no Predator badging. Even though I'm kidding there's really nothing "Predator" about this engine. I see it as a Ducar big bore stroked clone. The 224's blower housing is deeper than usual. I used a clone starter cup and blower housing. Others have reported pull start issues on their 224's.

The stock muffler is no longer there. It's on my other bike's 196. The 224 muffler sounds more aggressive than the 196 stock muffler. The ID of the inlet is 7/8". The bike pictured now has a short header and a mini 91.

20220507_165331.jpg 20220507_165331.jpg
The 6.5HP rating is for an out of the box engine governed to 3600 RPM. Now use better jetting, air filter, and a header pipe on a stock 212 and run it to 4800 RPM or so and you should get 9.5 to 10HP. With the 252 cam and carb they are using the Ghost 212 should get at least 11HP somewhere in the 5K RPM range? I'm just guessing and maybe off a bit.

I do think it was odd that they went with stock compression and flywheel on a racing engine.
So what you are saying is that basically it is the same as a Tillotson 212 stage 1 but for about 150 bucks cheaper.


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So what you are saying is that basically it is the same as a Tillotson 212 stage 1 but for about 150 bucks cheaper.
No. I don't know the cost difference. But for your example I would guess that the power difference wouldn't be much. The Ghost should at least have a bit more power 4800 RPM to just before the limiter because of the cam they are using. Stock cams are only good to around 4800 RPM.

From what GPS is seeing from the Tillotson on their dyno I would guess that the power is around the same.

I used a 252 lift cam in my 224. It's advertised to "Pull hard from 2000 to 6500 RPM". It works well if you want a better than stock lift cam for a mild build. The Ghost 212 comes with a 252 lift cam. I don't know if the specs (duration, etc) are the same as the 252 Rattlesnake cam I used.
I don’t disagree but why not have 1 of each to play with? I just wish I could find a darn bike someone doesn’t want 700 dollars for
Yeah, the cost for a frame kit or a used frame is outrageous right now. You can build a frame from scratch for exponentially less money. I have a metal distributor local that I get fantastic pricing on tubing from and well in this economy every savings helps. I can build 3 frames without rims and tires for what some of these frame kits cost. I am brushing up on fabrication skills and teaching my grandsons how I did it as a kid only they get to use the mig welder, I only had an arc welder at my access back then. I live by the philosophy if you build it it is twice as fun.