New project, Heald Hauler

I picked up a 3 wheeled Hauler yesterday, get some pics up later. Just a quick question about the tailgate, was trying to clean out the bed and couldn't figure out how to open the tailgate. Mine has shafts going thru the top and bottom with roll pins holding them in place and the chains look to be welded in place. I'm heading out to the garage to work on it and will snap some pics.
Sorry for the delay, been busy at work. I got the tailgate to work after lots of PB Blaster and a big hammer. Someone replaced one of the pins with a bolt and I thought it went all the way thru. Looks like all the main parts are there, the wiring was total garbage and someone has pulled the covers off the motor and didn't put them back right. Got it stripped down to 3 wheels and a frame, going to start checking the motor next.

good find the pins in the tailgait origanly had braided rope instead of the chain also have a few parts for the hauler as I used to be a dealer many years ago . before using it to much spray some lube on the clutches and make sure the engage and disengage properly also lube the chain grandpa ray