New summer project,stretched Cat lowrider

Figured I start a project log for my latest would-be creation.By starting a thread on it ,it may motivate me to actually finish it.:laugh:
I picked up a Duster frame from Andy(capguncowboy),it's a little beat up but very solid and the price couldn't be beat(thanks Andy :thumbsup: )
I'm planning on stretching the frame about 6 inches, fabing new axle tabs to raise up and move out the wheel location and increasing the rake slightly to give a lower stance and longer wheel base.
Also,I plan on using a remote tank(maybe attempt to make a custom one if I feel ambitious)throw on some white wall tires,custom exhaust and more stuff to be figured out later.
I'm in no hurry with this one(no build-off deadlines to not make :laugh:)I still have a couple small things to do to get the Hellcat up and running before Windber ,but this should be a lot of fun(and aggravation...always a lot of aggravation).
Well here's the first pic...

I'm still waitin on the other one.
Should be a cool build. The spyder touch!!
The Hellcat will be done soon,just have to get the engine running right and mounted(having some issue with the TAV backing plate)and the damn rear tire is fighting me every step of the way,I got the tire on the rim and thought I had the bead set correctly,it popped and everything but after a couple days of it holding air I came out to the garage and it was flat,turned out the bead unseated in one spot.I swear the f**king thing was holding air just fine then one morning it was flat.I swear I ain't messing with pocket bike wheels no more. :laugh:

Anyway,as far as the Duster goes,I want to make this thing something really cool.I always thought the Cat frames looked cooler then most and would make a great base for a radical custom,just how radical only time will tell.


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Found this set of handlebars at a garage sale today for 10 bucks.They are freakin' wide but I think I'm going to use them on this thing seeing as I already have a set of of Harley handlebar risers for the 1" bar.The chrome has some light rust but I think I can clean them up nicely.Again this may be over kill but this things going to be pretty radical so what the hell.:laugh:


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Well my Hellcat is almost done(yeah yeah I know I've said that before but honest it is :laugh:)So while I'm waiting for the last parts to arrive,I thought I'd do a partial mock up of my other Cat.This,my friends,is going to be a true Frankin-bike.So far I've acquired a sensation tank,Arctic cat forks,fork springs from who knows what,and Harley handle bars and risers.Don't know what the Hell I'm going to add next but I swear it will be a freak and it will look cool.:laugh:



You should try turning the tank 180 degrees to see what it looks like (or maybe you did). It seems like it might have a cool look as it slopes down towards the front.

Either way, it looks like a great project.