1. bikerboybenny8

    Bird Nighthawk/Thunderbird Build

    Hey yall, its been awhile since ive actually posted a project on the forum, although i have been VERY busy. Just finished three bikes for my uncle and nephews, sold my bronco (still smacking myself for it) got rid of my bonanza project, and have pretty much cut my collection down to one bike...
  2. WrenchDad

    K & S Hornet dirt cheap

    This is near the Pittsburgh area. I was thinking there was a lot of interest in these, So I figured some of you guys might appreciate the heads up hornet mini bike
  3. bikerboybenny8

    Not Your Typical Bonanza Build

    A few of you guys on here already know i had this stashed away.. I even considered selling it. However i am currently waiting on a frame to be shipped to me from my buddy Karl, so in the meantime i figured id slap this together. Not sure of the model, dont really care. I got this frame with the...
  4. Spyderdregg

    New summer project,stretched Cat lowrider

    Figured I start a project log for my latest would-be creation.By starting a thread on it ,it may motivate me to actually finish it.:laugh: I picked up a Duster frame from Andy(capguncowboy),it's a little beat up but very solid and the price couldn't be beat(thanks Andy :thumbsup: ) I'm...
  5. Full Throttle

    CDI for honda/clone

    Has anybody tried to develop a CDI for honda /clone engine . I think i may have one figured out but still in R&D stage. Will give more info when i get all my parts in and do some testing. But it should be possible and i think i have finally figured it out. Gonna try at least. Any input ? All...
  6. TotegoteTrav

    OldMiniBikes 2015 build-off JFF Totegote Minigote by Dave S.

    My boss wanted you all to see his build so I figured I could sponser him and will try to answer any questions you might have. Thanks for looking!
  7. Txpowdercoater

    looking for clutch recommendations . I tried search to no avail

    I want a centrifugal clutch that isnt to fat that is somewhat tuneable for rpm engagement. My clone motor is in the 18+hp with typical 3/4 shaft. I tried searching the various sections with no luck, so I figured I would ask before wasting money on something that is poop. what works for a...
  8. WrenchDad

    Figured it out "Thanks"

    Guys I posted this bike a couple of weeks ago asking to see if any one new if it was a Bird Thunderbird or a Bird Night hawk. With a bunch of replies and some pictures I confirmed that it is indeed an original Bird Thunderbird mini cycle. Once my boy is done riding for this season (pretty...
  9. S

    OK, So I figured out the MB165 Jack Shaft...

    So, there are 2 versions of the jack shaft(JS). They have 2 different tensioners. The old style used a spring that connected to the upper right JS cover holder. The roller on this one was small and this was not a good system. That is the one I had. The new ones (that have been around awhile)...
  10. C

    I figured I would try this.

    I have an old C02 tank for a PB gun, the valve went bad and its basically scrap. It's solid steel and has standard threads at the top, so Im thinking Gas Tank? Any input?
  11. minidragbike

    I figured someone my like this???

    Check it out! Mininature Keg Fuel Tank,Racing Barstool, Go-Kart - eBay (item 180357286514 end time May-21-09 15:22:58 PDT)
  12. Jay Wrix

    Figured Id show off my new monster carb

    I got this big ole 28 Mikuni from Member 125ccCrazy, and finally got some time to play with it, Its not on my good motor, or my bike, But it is on the stand with my ratty old test motor, I bolted her up, and pulled her, the plug was wet, So itll draw fuel,:thumbsup: Only problem is, my test...