New to OldMiniBikes

Hello gang,
It's great to see a group that likes to keep mini bikes alive and in so many forms. I like to find them and give them life again, the smiles on my neighbors faces are worth all the work. I've rebuilt several Baja Warrior MB165 and MB200 bikes along with a Manco Thunderbird, and have 5 bikes in storage to work on during the Winter. Get one done and move onto the next, I do have a couple that I'll probably keep....hard to keep them all, I've sold 4 to neighbors this Summer/Fall.
Hahaha, I've driven 2 hours to find a few. Their are so many types, I had no idea until this Summer. My friend asked me if I could tune one, I said yes and ended-up rebuilding it to new again. Then got the bug, 6 in my garage now!