manco thunderbird

  1. RandyCiccone

    Manco Thunderbird build for granddaughters. Engine swap alignment issues

    tried swapping my known good B&S intek 190 on this frame and both exhaust and clutch alignment are going to be an issue (by roughly 1.5” Also have a great running old 3hp tecumseh off my tiller but that shaft is 2 different sizes to accommodate a small pulley at the end, & it seats against the...
  2. henri_Gue

    MANCO Thunderbird - engine suggestion

    Hello! My grandparents gifted me and my siblings 2 Manco Thunderbirds, when we were smaller. While visiting them, we always had problems with the engine (TECUMSEH). After one year of no usage, we always had to bring them to the next workshop. Today, we are 19/20 years old and though about...
  3. s-l1600[4].jpg


    Manco Thunderbird Fork Plate for sale on eBay
  4. Magnetman

    Manco Thunderbird disc brake mod

    Anyone tried to add a moped front wheel with disc brake to their Thunderbird? That's one of the mods I have on my Mind after salvaging one this week from a moped.
  5. Magnetman

    New to OldMiniBikes

    Hello gang, It's great to see a group that likes to keep mini bikes alive and in so many forms. I like to find them and give them life again, the smiles on my neighbors faces are worth all the work. I've rebuilt several Baja Warrior MB165 and MB200 bikes along with a Manco...
  6. S

    My first mini bike- new from Chicago area

    Hello all, I'm 45 and just bought my first mini bike. I mean for my son of course. It's a mid 90s complete running Manco thunderbird. All original with the tecumseh 3.5 hp engine. I'm sure it will need some work or at least maintenance. After reading the forums I'm going to put a band clutch...
  7. Acolytus

    Manco Thunderbird for only $215!

    Found this nice Manco Thunderbird in good running condition in Spring Grove, IL. These bikes only came with 3.5 HP - 4 HP motors, and this one is 196cc engine around (6+ HP), so it's a different engine. I'd thought I share this, I really like these Manco Thunderbirds, if anyone has anything to...
  8. Briggster

    Manco Thunderbird

    I have a Manco Thunderbird Mini bike for sale. It has a modified Honda GX200 clone motor installed. The governor has been removed, head milled .020 for compression, high flow air filter and adapter, drilled main jet, vintage ratech kart racing clutch, throttle kit, and custom header added. The...
  9. mwmurrell

    Manco Thundercat/ GX200 project almost ready, need suggestions please!

    Last weekend my dad turned 54 and i bought him an old manco thundercat (may be called thunderbird im not sure). When i was young he bought me my first minibike and i have never fallen out of love with them. My brother and sister (11 and 13) both have doodlebugs and my popps has been really...
  10. minigonzabel

    horrible ride today

    i cant ever go riding without something messing up on my mini and have to be pulled home. and its always like the tire the chain the bearings throttle cable pull start cord. im just tired of it breaking down. anybody on the forum have problems like mine or am i the only one.
  11. M

    new t-bird

    my friend got a thunderbird. just thought id share. has briggs stratton 5 hp.