Newbie...Just bought a large collection..

Well since I never had a mini or a go cart when i was a kid, I figured now was as good a time as any.

Just bought a pick-up bed and 10 foot snow-mobile trailer full of "Stuff"

Lets see..

Arctic Cat Prowler needs resto
Montgomery Wards Mini..
Fox Trail bike (2)
Dune Cat go cart..pretty cool mint body
Fox Sundowner
2 Suzuki RM80 parts bikes
A ton of parts...misc building stuff...gears axles, tires...etc.

Ahh...the fun begins.

I don't plan on keeping all of the stuff. I have two young boys, 4 and 6 so I would like to keep two minis' and a coupe of go carts.

Which ones to sell?
Which ones to keep?

Here is the Tryke.....

I bought it with the intent to sell off what I don't want. It is very hard to decide, all of this stuff is cool. The Tryke will probably go.