OldMiniBikes members best "quotes"

I've laughed my butt off to alot of members posts lately and thought it would be nice to have a thread to compile some of the best!!

Here is one I believe was Havasu Dave's " I find that drinking 12 beers per day does work wonders to offset the wrinkles caused by the 30 hand rolled cigarettes I choke down every day. I don't think Oil of Olay goes down as easily as Bud Lite."
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True financial harmony can only be achieved when your pleasure in saving money equals or exceeds your pleasure in spending it. Ogy's #2 rule in life.
"....you get the seams all lined up together like they belong, then line the inside of the seat cover with that tape shit..Then put it it back together, that bitch will be FIXED! " - TRK


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Somebodys been eating bat shit, Hent said that in reply to some nut that had a 10 page thread about the evil mortgage industry last year. Thats my favorite:thumbsup:


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beat me to it..I'm going to run it over with my truck..Buckeye.

it was a double whammy..reminded me of a friend that bought a fiat sports car. You saw that car on the side of the road all over town. He took a hammer to it, lit it on fire in his front yard..left it there.
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