On the Road Again

Well the move went great but my life is all in Boxes. No home phone yet just got the computer up and running. My new room is BIG my closet is 5 X 16 the private Bathroom is 9 X 16 by bedroom is 13 X 16 and is wired for surround sound. I don't deserve so much but it is family and that makes the difference.
I have no mini bikes any more but I do have the 1974 Christmas Trike that so many members worked on put so much work and money I never expected to ever have it . It will some day get a new rider from our family. Have 2 grandchildren trying to make me a great grandfather. and one nephew who had a vasectomy reversed to have a new family member TMI
I am glad your move went good Steve.

Sounds like your new digs are nice !

And yes Steve...you are deserving.

I hope you enjoy being closer to your family.

Keep us posted on your progress, and once you get a chance to get out and explore, tell us about your new town.
Hello I am in the house but I am trapped inside for now its the steps have no hand rails but all I need is dimensions and I can design and make the steel rails I do still have my Mig welder. and an old but functioning brain. So I will get help from the family but they are still moving from their old house into this 3636 Sq. foot house TMI
Byron that is so hard for me to do. After so many years of HVAC contracting I always have issued with mentally seeing the project done and every step of the project form drawing all the sheet metal fittings to the final payment. Now being retired my mind goes to work designing things like the hand rails to get me able to get out of the house safely. I don't know of course what the future holds for me I am 74 and my Mother is 97 . Thanks for your support and all of the OldMiniBikes family