Open Class - mr pat's Frijole

This is my first time entering the OldMiniBikes buildoff. My choice is a Taco Frijole series 1.

I had posted a poll a couple of months back on what kind of engine would look cool on a Frijole and I thank everyone who participated. First choice was a west bend but I couldn't find one at a reasonable price. I decided to go with a clinton 2 stroke.

I have a few parts ordered from OldMiniBikes and they should be here shortly.

Thanks to Cheezy1 for parting with this bike.
I received my package from OldMiniBikes warehouse yesterday. I also received a quote from the local powder coat guy. This weekend I will mount the engine plate and also mount the brackets for the jack shaft. Once that is done, I will need to go over the frame with some steel wool to get rid of some light surface rust.

Here are the medium sized pics. In the first post, I used my cell phone and I guess I didn't realize they were just thumbnails. Usually they post decent sized pics. I also cannot edit my post any more. I guess I'm just old and can't figure it out.:shrug:
This weekend I was able to set up and weld on the engine plate and the hangers for the jack shaft. Here are a couple of pics. :grind:

I also have a few more goodies from OldMiniBikes Warehouse on it's way. :smile:

My next step will be to cut some 1/2" round stock, 2 1/2" long for the foot pegs and weld them on along with the kickstand bracket. I need to have the frame to the powder coater by the end of the week!
I was able to go out in the garage for a bit this evening. Got my foot pegs cut and welded to the frame. Waiting for my OldMiniBikes order to come (axle bolts) in so I can mount my rims to my frame and figure out where to weld the kick stand bracket.
Looks great:thumbsup: Is that a repop frame:eek:ut:
Thanks Manchester!

It is a home made clone frame. I bought it from Cheezy1 and I believe he got it from someone on the forum a while ago. If it was original I would have entered it in the vintage class. lol

Where did you find the foot peg covers for yours? I found 3 for 30 bucks but I only need 2. I was hoping that I could buy just 2. Maybe for 20? hehe
I will end up buying them. I only need 2 though. You can have the third one. I will let you know when I get them. Thanks!

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I can relate!!!! Grinding is my specialty...:laugh::grind:
Speaking of grinding, I have decided to do something different with the engine plate.:doah:

More to come.. I should have thought this through just a little more.:shrug: oh well, live and learn, right? :laugh: