Ordered the wrong part from OldMiniBikes warehouse... Please help!

Earlier today I ordered a 60 tooth sprocket for my minibike which has drum brakes. The sprocket is machined on the outside for band brakes, which is what I didn't pay attention to... Anyways my two questions are these:

1. Will this sprocket still work with a drum brake instead of a band brake? I have Azusa Tristar wheels and stock drum brake (4.5 inch)

2. If not, how do I cancel my order?

Thank you!

Part # for the (wrong) sprocket I ordered: AZ2217-OD
It should work. I think I remember asking an employee there the same question the last time I was in there. He is a member so he might see this. I'm pretty sure you will be ok with what you purchased if not give them a call. Great bunch of people over there. Easy to talk to and deal with. A lot of them are into mini bikes so the questions you want answers to they have and know what they're talking about.


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it's for a 4.5 drum brake so your good to go.. you can use either or both style brakes on this sprocket.
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