owosso explorer 800 help

hey guy, I'm new to the forum and I need some help. I just picked up a explorer 800 from a small junk yard that was in operation in the 70's and 80's. I cant find and information on theses things any help would be awesome. Ill add photos once I figure out how. I bought it to flip it but I love learning about the things I own.
There's like zero info out on them. So far all I have is they where made from 1970-1974. Build right in owosso Michigan. That's about all I know. It's a pretty cool machine. The more I look at it the more I think I wanna just keep it and restore it.
Wow you have done a great job so far! Gangster!!! What are you going to do with seat and fender? Engine? I just dropped a 420 predator, custom exhaust and other engine mods like modified governor. It Rips. Just installed electric start and painted frame black.
New to the forum.
I have recently Picked up a BDI Explorer 800R (I believe but have not been able to confirm that). It is VERY similar to the gold one posted by Gumpit.
I need parts, where do I start? I have about two weekends of web searching but am at a loss..... Any info or help would be much appreciated.
It is running but after a number of years under a tarp in the guys back yard it was all froze up. Got it running and driving but it is missing a lot of things for the lights and electric start, as well as the seat bottom.
I need all new cables, tires and wheels (wheels are rusted and pitted so bad inside they will never seal and hold air).
Any info on these parts would be great!

I have also added photos of my Simplex Automatic. This has been the bike all of my family has learned to ride and is still running We all love it and are always looking for parts to keep it going.