1. chicodafreako

    explorer trike for sale in michigan $600

  2. U

    Barn Find~ Explorer 800R 3-Wheeler

    Not mine just thought I would post. ~Barn Find~ Explorer 800R 3-Wheeler
  3. C

    owosso explorer 800 help

    hey guy, I'm new to the forum and I need some help. I just picked up a explorer 800 from a small junk yard that was in operation in the 70's and 80's. I cant find and information on theses things any help would be awesome. Ill add photos once I figure out how. I bought it to flip it but I love...
  4. D

    northway explorer three trike

    I have a northway explorer three trike for sale. Very rare trike gard to find. The price is $1000.00 if intrested contact me here at old minibikes if you buy it you will be responsible for shipping or local pick up it is located in the northeast pennsylvania east stroudsburg(poconos).lòok at...
  5. Exalter Explorer

    Exalter Explorer

    Exalter explorer by Owosso BDI
  6. 1troy7

    Explorer 800s wheel question

    Will golf car wheels fit on the hub? Looking for new rims, the ones I have are rusted through. Spent all weekend sanding this thing down to metal....:grind:
  7. C

    "NOS" Thomas explorer ski

    I have a ski for a Thomas Explorer mini bike. It's never been used, but it's been moved around a barn for the past 40 years so it has wear from that. $100 + shipping Located near rochester NY. If interested calls work best (please not after 9pm eastern) as I don't get on here often...
  8. L

    Oswasso exalter explorer

    I am. very new with these. I have an oswasso exalter explorer with I believe to be 18HP kohlDr engine.. it as of this moment is in rough condition.. can anyone tell me where I can find parts,for this . the engine will turn over but no spark? had it running two years ago. also needs a front...
  9. Njisage

    Owosso explorer trike bearings plz help

    I have 1974 owosso explorer trike I am working on now I want to replace every bearing anywhere on this trike. Can any one let me know that size or sizes I will need and how many so I can order and just strip frame down sandblast prime paint then put all new parts on.
  10. Njisage

    ? About a owosso explorer 800 trike

    I have a engine with a 1" drive shaft for my drive now what size is the drivin if I am calling these by the wrong name sorry it is the tourque converter set up need to know what to order all I know is 40 series cuz of it being 13 hp. Any thoughts.
  11. Njisage

    need some parts and help for my 1974 owosso explorer trike

    What i need is a few parts first i need is the drive and the driven series 40 torque converter set up it's for a 1' shaft. Now i got a 13hp Honda engine from a generator i traded for.i have all the lights but the wiring is all cut out. If any one has a blueprint,parts list or schismatics for...
  12. R

    owosso explorer roller (trike)

    for sale 400 obo. does not run. the guy i purchased it from handed me the fly wheel said it had poor spark. body is in fair shape for its age.located arenac co mi.cash olny. To big and expensive to ship.
  13. trailhopper

    Northway Explorer Trike

    Pricey but really cool. VERY RARE FIND!!!! Northway Explorer Three vintage 1970s trike! Everyt
  14. farleypug

    Owosso Explorer Trike for Sale-Michigan

    I figured I would give someone a shot on this forum before It goes on Fee Bay. This is a very complete and mostly original 3 wheeler. It came from the factory with everything it needed to be street legal and it has a plate on it right now. It has a 8 horse engine that runs good with a new...
  15. 70sVintageTrikes

    Owasso Explorer "800s"

    Just added this one to my fleet of trikes... 8hp Lighted Electric start.
  16. chefhockey

    WTB hub and wheel/tire for Northway Explorer trike

    Looking for a wheel/tire (the old style one piece balloon tire( and hub (3/4"shaft) for Explorer 3 trike. Would also be interested in a matched pair if you do not want to break a set.
  17. chefhockey

    Northway Explorer Trike in Massachusetts

    I picked up one of these rare beasts needing lots of love. I seek a wheel hub for 3/4"shaft and at least one of those one piece wheel/tire BF Goodrich High-flex about 19X11 to make it operable. I would also be willing to trade this extreme rarity for another less rare but further along. I am...
  18. MisterRoboto

    owosso explorer roller

    tires hold air when sitting but the rears are dry rot and the left rear needs a tube or new tire cause it loses air fast when riding 300 or trade for enduro style mini? :shrug:
  19. S

    B.D.I. Explorer for sale in PA.

    Hi, I'm a new member, and I bought this BDI Explorer, I now realize it needs too much for me and I don't want it in my way forever, I have too many other projects. The engine is no good, the torque convertor needs parts, the brakes need new linings to mention the more important stuff. The frame...