Post Up Vids of Your Rides.....

don't post much here anymore but i took a vid of a short ride today down the neighborhood.
post up yours if ya get a chance.
13 hp honda, TAV, a few orhers but can't remember.
Hey deejaaa, It looks like it's been a while since you've last posted. Why not take a second and introduce yourself, ask a question or help answer someone else's!
a lot of my pics got lost when i moved them to a different folder.
I don't have many, as my cameraman usually complains abt filming a "grown man on a minibike". But here's one of test run of a Stellar. That '61 Tecumseh sounds so delicious!

I'm in the process of replacing my children with a GoPro. Then I'll be able take some videos without being diss'ed .[video=youtube_share;FTTCEBBf42M][/video]