Powell Challenger Front (small) Sprocket Rebuild?

The front (small) sprocket on my Challenger is worn with "shark fin" teeth. I can't seem to find any posts that detail a rebuild or fix for this. Anyone tackled this project who is willing to share their experience? Thanks in advance.


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I am working on one at this time. Good luck Too small to do a tig or mig weld Looks pressed on and maybe brazed. If you turn the sprocket off and machine a 10 tooth out you will have to bevel the hole for a weld and turn the weld down on a lathe for the chain to drop fully on the gear. My issue is the bearing cups they seem to ware and get sloppy. I am in need of this complete driven if there is a spare out there. Your in Ca. What city?
Yep, mine looks just like the picture. Sprocket teeth are worn maybe a little less, but have some good miles on them. I was just thinking while I had the whole thing apart, it may head off a dive line disaster that may put me SOL. Live in San Jose, ca.