Powerdyne Cougar made cooler

I got a correct front wheel for it from markus. I decided to do a 60's custom Hot Rod look to it. So I started with some wide white walls on two different size tires.

Powerdyne wheels just don't have a great look to them so I thought maybe paint the webbing black would help. Then I thought the bike should have some rake to it by dropping the front. Maybe clean up the frame a little also. I used my Photoshop to see how it might look.

So I took it apart and cleaned up the chrome. I cut the front springs to drop the front. I painted the webbing in the wheels flat black to make them appear like spoked mags. I chose green metal flake for the paint. It's hard to photograph but it just sparkles.



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That paint color looks great! I'm partial to metallic green though :laugh:

Can't wait to see this bike done. The wheels turned out awesome!
I picked up a 3hp Briggs engine for it. Took it apart to paint. I decided on white but I also added a light spray of the green metal flake to it as well. Again, it is really hard to photograph but it really looks great under the lights.

Engine mounted. I need cables, chain and some finishing touches. I'm thinking of doing a custom fork plate drawing for it and maybe put a name of the bike on the chain guard or engine. Maybe "Mean Green", "Green Machine", or maybe "Lil Guacamole"?