Predator stage 1 install video or instruction guide???

Just got back from vacation with a present from ombw waiting for me.

I bought the non hemi stage 1 kit.

I'm not the most mechanically inclined guy and was hoping the "kit" came with some instructions or step by step guide. Boy, was I naive.

Can anyone lead me to a video or online resource that could walk me through all of the upgrade steps?

Thank you all
What parts do you need help installing? Most of the info should be available in the engine section via search. If you are keeping it goverened, my advice would be to skip the valve springs for now since that would require re-adjusting the valves. Not hard, but maybe work your way up to that? I'll see if I can find a few vids to help.
Yeah, mostly leary about the valve spring install. All the other parts are not a problem at all.

I did just watch a video on installing new springs. Looked simple enough. Not sure about the timing key and setting that.

Thanks for looking for videos