1. Chain Linkin

    Lambton Old-School Mini Bike Racing Association - Video Update

    I started a new thing a few months ago where I post videos of our racing on Youtube. Here's my latest. Since I'm (usually) racing these videos are bit and pieces of the videos and picture from our spectators. If I messed up the link, the title of the video on...
  2. capguncowboy

    Vintage Mini Bike racing footage (music video)

    A buddy of mine sent me this a while back. Its pretty awesome. Not a fan of the music, but the video is great. Enjoy!

    Another Mini bike ride video, Great music.

    Grab a brew, take in the view!
  4. Sixpac440

    Put a starter on a Heald VT-8 ... 5 second video ..

    My daughter has a hard time pull starting her 8hp Tecumseh. I got a 7hp tec with a lighting coil and a starter ring but the bore was shot. I had a 6hp tec, it was a good candidate. I put in a new piston, rings, lapped the valves, ground the head .030, new carb. The lighting coil...
  5. Chain Linkin

    Mini Bike Racing Video - Summer 2016
  6. superflea

    Mini bike Video

    Check it out.
  7. Daniel Coop

    Wanted to share a video my brother made for me My brilliant older brother stopped by... Hadn't seen him for a while. A former A.F. lieutenant, Academy and M.I.T. graduate, his life has been ravaged by addiction, DUI's and the most bitter kind of divorce you could imagine over the...
  8. jeep2003

    Somebody stole my utube video

    Hey guys some jackass stole one of my goliath tank videos if you can take a minute and report it i would much appreciate it. I have to take some time and look around for more thieves I guess this is a big problem now. I reported it but i hear it takes a while unless youve got alot of people...
  9. leafvillage

    Mini Bike Mayhem Video I want to put an exhaust on my mini bike like the one on that Taco Mini Bike at the end of the video, will it work on a predator? I am also having some problems with my brakes... will post some pics later, thanks nice video.
  10. jeffe

    A short video The boys have been taking the newly re-tired go kart and the fat bike out back lately... I had to walk.. :hammer: Lol There's a decent loop trail thru the bush. Thankfully, the snow we had a...
  11. BBQJOE

    The great flywheel test and video.

    I received a used flywheel from a very generous member here whose name will not be revealed until the credits of said movie. In preparation,the flywheel is going to be balanced, polished and magnafluxed or x-rayed to make certain no pre-existing cracks are present. In preparing for the...
  12. BBQJOE

    Going for a ride. (Video)

    I took this ride the other day. I just strung these together without any production or editing. Lots of wind in the audio, a bit bumpy holding the camera by hand. All the clanking noise is my bag full of tools bouncing around in the crate. I need a better system for them. Anyways...
  13. Sixpac440

    Quick video of Minis on the street ...

    Had a huge car show in town this weekend. A few of us got the minis out and rode a mile or so in traffic. We were passed by Local and County Police .. they didn't seem to mind tho after we parked we were asked to keep them off the road ... all in all it was AWESOME...
  14. S

    My "Perfect" 212cc Motovox Minibike (Video Inside)

    What started as a 79cc kids mini bike from Kmart to goof around on has become a full on rocket project. I added a 212cc Predator, new front hydraulic suspension, new throttle tube, New sprocket adapter for go-kart split sprockets (running a 53 tooth now), off road rear tire, and a hydraulic rear...
  15. xBrent92

    Will someone make a video?: Valve Lash (212 Hemi).

    There isn't an in depth video on how to set lash. Like: where is the compression stroke? When is the compression stroke? Every time the spring compresses is that the compression stroke? (i think it isn't, but show us where and when it is) and how to keep the lash in place while bolting it...
  16. sam j

    Powell ride video OND asked for a ride video of the Powell that I just built. So here is a video of me riding the Powell around the property. Hopefully the link will work, this is my first attempt at linking to a video.
  17. K

    Fuel Tank Repair video

    You guys are amazing. You pushed the wheelie bar video up over 1,000 views! I can't thank you enough. Anyways, we have another video up that a few of you may be interested in. Rather then just buy a new tank, we wanted to show that with a little work, you can save that old tank. We realize a...
  18. OND

    Ride Video or Run Video ?

    So does everyone have to have a video at the end of there build ? If so does it have to be just a run video of the engine running ? Or a ride video ?:scooter:
  19. J

    Useful video return spring

    I found this earlier after spending around four hours trying to find a solution for this.
  20. Thad

    Really cool video, I hope it works.

    Pull-starting a motorbike at Barber Vintage Festival 2015