Replacement for Flo Jet carb

If you buy a jet kit for that carb, you can swap them until you find a good one. If you drill the original, you can't make it smaller, obviously.
I guess you are sure there are no air leaks? Did it try to run after the rag in the throat treatment?
I think what I may do is try and determine first if this carb is viable for my application, any suggestions on how I could do this?
I was just working on it , I readjusted the exhaust again seems to have more compression, it popped over twice and not anymore, I do get gas on my hand when I block the throat of the carb, I did seal everything
I would say that I have tried suggestions with no success, carb and manifold have been all sealed , in valve is operating as it should, haven’t yet ordered the main jets because I am trying to find out more info on this carb, ie CFM rating, you are right about the lengthy post as this has been a project going on for ever.
Sorry to be annoying.
Cheers !