Replacement for Flo Jet carb

Mr. Pink

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Reminds me of this guy with his 5" gauge gas locomotive. Runs on a 3.5 HP Briggs flathead, so it's still on topic. It's the Mini bike of the rails!

Way cool!

The guy also has a coal fired, steam powered mini locomotive.

He needs to fabricate automated crossing gates where the tracks cross over the sidewalk.

I've often thought about putting in a couple of miniature golf holes in the yard, but this train seems like more fun.

Like I really need another project my plate.

Sorry for hijacking the Flo Jet topic.
Well definitely been rebuilt a few times, twice by me, what does the nozzle actually do, does it prevent leaking?
The right nozzle will make it run better. Using the right tap to clean the threads and make the nozzle seat better may prevent leaking. Leak is most likely the needle and seat.