Replacement switch for vt7


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OK, so battery, Starter solenoid (momentary) and ground. How does it kill the spark?
Magneto ignition does not connect to battery power and battery ignition does not need a connection to ground.
My VT-7 had the manual lever kill on the head.
But did not have Electric start.
Can't see that angle on Skipps original pictures of the bike.
Otherwise, agree with you, need more terminals.
I’m not sure exactly what you’re asking or saying….you turn the switch like a car… it cranks over the starter until the motor fires…. To shut it off you turn the key the other way to off….it has a battery and a rectifier…. IMG_6583.png
Sorry I see the key switch now. Was looking at the three holes in the first pic. I wonder if you wouldn't ideally want it to snap back to ON once you hear it rrunning and let go of the key. Agree a golf cart or tractor switch should do ya.