RIP, Carl F. Heald

Mini Bike & Go-Kart Parts

We lost another mini bike legend. Carl Fredrick Heald. He was 87. He will always be a big part of the mini bike world. You can Google his obituary.
I feel fortunate to have spent time visiting with Ron Kimball. Such a wonderful man, very patient to answer all my Heald questions in person or over the phone. He provided me with sales and parts literature from his archives and a tour of his shop in Benton Harbor. Thanks Heald Guys, for the joy you gave to so many young riders over the decades!
Mr Heald was also involved with the Heathkit Hilltopper. Not sure about Heathkits other mini bike kit Boonie Bike.

Heathkit was in same factory as Heald in Michigan. Many heathkit parts are heald. Wouldn't be surprised if Heald had a big part in the design of both Heathkit bikes.

Rest in peace and thanks for the great rides on your bikes. Hope you are still riding in Heaven.
I was fortunate to speak with Ron on many occasions. We talked about My Heald Tryke, VT7 and VT10 I actually have the last decal for the back of the Tryke seat he had in his desk at the shop. Unused.