SCAMMERS. Be careful


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Unfortunately it is very hard to watch for them. There are so many right now on the facebook mini bike groups. One almost got me on here last year. They do seem to target the "wanted" ads.
Bad thing is that sometimes you get your items from the scammers, it's part of their con. They sell 3 or 4 fifty dollar parts for 20 bucks over a couple months, then they get you. Next after looking like they are legit they offer up a nice bike(pics stolen from the net.) Say a lil indian or Bonanza for 6 or 7 hundred dollars and then they got your money.


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The simple change of requiring members to make x amount of posts before posting in a want ad or pming would fix all this. They won’t go through the trouble of making 20 posts or even 5 posts to get access to those features.

But moderators are more worried about people posting in a for sale thread than being proactive in helping calm down spam and scams. This is the only forum I’m on that has these problems.


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Unfortunately it is very hard to watch for them. There are so many right now on the facebook mini bike groups. One almost got me on here last year. They do seem to target the "wanted" ads.
I just got scammed this past week on a complete 1970 Tecumseh HS40 actual mini bike specific engine on a facebook group. The seller Removed the complete blower housing/pull start cover which had the 1970 dated model/serial number tag on it and also removed the outer TAV clutch half then sent it to me with those parts missing and now he won't respond to me at all by messenger or phone text. I paid him with a US Postal Money Order in full that also included the model/serial number of the complete engine. So not sure if anything at all can be done about it USPS Mail Consumer Fraud etc ?
On the postal money order issue. Purchased an HS40 several years ago with a Postal MO. Seller would not ship it. Nor respond to several requests.
What got my issue resolved quickly was writing to the attorney general of the state the seller is from. CC the seller. The engine showed up a couple of days later.


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Needed some parts made for a vintage gokart . Gentleman made them for me out polished stainless steel >> beautiful pieces<< with absolutely no deposit . Shipped them to me , without any funds up front . His main concern was they fit properly and perfectly . Then I paid him as he requested , do you know a single fabricator seller willing to do that for you I was very impressed ! . This is difference between a true hobbyist . and some Klingons praying on the trusting world . But I am a firm believer in KARMA . The only place I have had issues is on E-Bay . Always got my money back because I used PayPal goods and services .


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I've been here long enough to see who's here to help out the community and who's here to just help themselfs to what this community has to offer like parts and bikes. I'm talking about People that don't contribute/participat in the community and just want to buy but won't sell from their hoard of parts/bikes to help others.. People like that shouldn't get any support from the community in my book. You regulars know what I'm talking about.

I'm all for having members build a reputation or have a reputable member vouch for them before having any privileges to the classifieds section. Maybe that will deter some of the scammers and scavengers. Asking for friends and family payment ONLY or "send me half now" through Venmo or ? should be red flags.

Someone tried to scam me recently on offerup. Was interested in a $300 purchase and was told I can have it for $150 if I send it through Venmo..
Rant off.
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An attempt was made on me, that stemmed from my “wanted” post. Too many things didn’t sound right.
I guess an old/active wanted post suggests an anxious/careless buyer, on the other end.
I‘d much rather buy at swap meets, or do cyber-trading with folks I’ve met in person at them.
I’ve been waiting on screws ordered from mcHenry power Inc out of Illinois…second issue with this prick…shipped on7/11…still no screws…the seller nor eBay will do anything until 8/1…they were last seen in Minnesota in 7/12…..l’ll loose money due to eBay policy now….i hate fucking eBay!