Seat paint?


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Any one had success repainting the script found on some seats? I would like to freshen up the original Rupp script found on the back of the scramblers seat. Its still there but faded and dingy a bit, and I am betting a heavy cleaner will take it right off off instead of brightening it up!

If you have had success what did you use and is it easily obtainable (hopefully :smile:)
Upholstery vinyl spray paint worked for me once, I sprayed three GM green van seats a metallic blue for my Ford van, and I used a recommended cleaner first and it lasted for a lot of use.
I would make a stencil of the logo and stick it to the area with spray glue and then spray on the vinyl paint on the logo and them remove the stencil.
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auto zone carries vinyl spray holds up very well...I make my stencils with the blue painters tape...Ive done hundreds of them over the years.