1. J

    OE Paint?

    Does anyone sell OE Briggs engine colors (paint) and stickers?
  2. B

    Powder Coat or Paint?

    Has anyone done a powder coat vs. painting the frame? I have a place around here that does the powder coating, just not sure it is worth the extra money.
  3. ZR9B

    engine paint?

    I did a search without much luck so hear it goes....I have my HS40 blasted and ready for paint ....I washed it with hot water & dawn soap...I bought Dupli color engine enamel 500 deg.. but didn't see any 500 deg primer. Before I paint it without the primer any input?? Thanks.
  4. butch63

    renew paint?

    picked up a db blitz awhile back been out in the sun & faded some. what 's best to restore luster till i repaint[someday]
  5. Rupp 72

    where to buy paint?

    i am about ready to paint my rupp roadster2 and have paint codes for the metallic green color i want. i was wondering where to buy this at and approx. how much should i get? i only need to paint the frame and rear fender.
  6. Mr.GhettoRig

    Tool box paint?

    I got a cool little crafstman tool box for my birthday.. Not sure how old it is buts it's defiantly got more than a couple years on it. Well since it's built durable and it may be vintage I figured I would give it a slight restore. Looks like it came grey on the outside and red inside, I was...
  7. R

    Metal Motosports Rivet Black paint?

    Is very nice black paint job over a bright yellow. So where did it come from?:shrug:
  8. Sieve

    Prepping engine for paint?

    What would I need to do to prep an engine for paint? also how would I paint it?
  9. Lil Indian Prairie Blue, Original Kit Paint?

    Lil Indian Prairie Blue, Original Kit Paint?

    Lil Indian Prairie Blue, Original Kit Paint?
  10. MiniB30

    Engine Paint?

    What would you recommend for painting an engine? Primer? Paint? Clear? Brand? Technique?
  11. L

    How do I remove the stickers without messing up my paint?

    The title explains it all. I'm about to get a DB and I don't want any of those corny stickers on it but I don't know how I would get them off without messing up the paint job. Did any of yinz do this and how did you do it?
  12. 71dodge

    chrome spray paint?

    has any one ever tried chorme spray paint? im using it on my 300x bars and spring and i tell ya what it dosent look half bad
  13. Riley


    is there any certain paint to use for touch-ups? or any flourescent green? for the green DB-30
  14. markus

    Seat paint?

    Any one had success repainting the script found on some seats? I would like to freshen up the original Rupp script found on the back of the scramblers seat. Its still there but faded and dingy a bit, and I am betting a heavy cleaner will take it right off off instead of brightening it up...
  15. jreed1337

    Powder coating vs. Spray paint?

    Hi guys, I am finishing up my DB and I don't know what to do about the paint. It seems like you all powdercoat your frames. Is that an expensive process? I am working on a very limited budget. Is spraypainting acceptable, or should I save and powdercoat? What are the advantages...
  16. C

    DB30 match paint?

    Just wondering if anybody has a source for a paint that matches somewhat closely to the DB30 reddish orange or orangish red? I would like to paint my custom chain/clutch guard to match the rest of the bike. If I can't find anything to match, do you think black is ok?